How to use the Community Vote DApp?

How to use the Community Vote DApp?

The CyberMiles public blockchain has a unique governance structure. We have a transparent process for validator nodes to vote on on-chain governance issues such as software upgrades, stolen fund recovery, economic parameter changes etc.

Today, we are announcing a new DApp on the CyberMiles blockchain to support community inputs on important governance issues related to the CyberMiles Foundation.

The CyberMiles Foundation developed the Community Vote DApp to allow CMT holders, hence the CMT Community, to share with us thoughts and opinions on governance matters. As a community, we work together to make CyberMiles better. It is also a key element for CyberMiles community autonomy.

CMT Wallet is the only tool to partucupite in the commnunity governance votes.

There are two ways to vote in CMT Wallet

  1. Find the voting vote page by clicking “ Community Vote DApp” in CMT Wallet, and then you can make a choice and vote in this page directly.

  2. Use the QR code image to vote

You can also refer to this Youtube Video to see how to vote.