Which of the following Spring Festival movies do you like best? [Test Vote]

Which of the following Spring Festival movies do you like best?

The voting has concluded. The CMT community voted for the Wondering Earth. The results are recorded on the CyberMiles public blockchain. You must open the link in CMT Wallet.

There are 8 major movies in the cinema during the Spring Festival holidays.

1.The Wandering Earth Director: Fan Guo Stars: Chuxiao Qu, Guangjie Li , Jing Wu Genre: Science fiction Storyline: The sun was dying out, people all around the world built giant planet thrusters to move Earth out of its orbit and to sail Earth to a new star system. Yet the 2500 years journey came with unexpected dangers, and in order to save humanity, a group of young people in this age of a wandering Earth came out boldly and fought hard for everyone’s survival. In addition, the story is based on Hugo Award-winning novelist Cixin Liu’s novel of the same name.

2.Crazy Alien Director: Hao Ning Stars: Bo Huang, Teng Shen, Matthew Morrison Genre: Comedy Storyline: A monkey trainer whose act goes wrong after alien crash land on Earth and injures his monkey. Desperate to perform the act, he attempts to train the alien instead, though is punished after the alien regains his powers.

3.The New King of Comedy Director: Stephen Chow Stars: Baoqiang Wang, Quandan Zhang Genre: Comedy Storyline:Rumeng wants to be a superstar, but she has been playing small roles for many years. One day, Rumeng meets her idol Ke Ma who inspired her acting. However, Ke Ma, who had been over the hill for many years, was very mad and tortured Rumeng. Failure comes one after another, and finally, Rumeng decided to give up her dreams and find a stable job. She has a great chance to appear as a protagonist in a new movie by a well-known director at this time. What choice will she make?

4.Pegasus Director: Han Han Stars: Teng Shen, Jingyu Huang Genre: Comedy Storyline: An old-time racing champion tries to come back to the race track.

5.The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang Director: Yan Jia Stars: Jackie Chan, Elane Zhong, Ethan Juan Genre: Comedy Storyline: A legendary demon hunter (Jackie Chan), tracking down beasts that enter the human dimension, assisted by a lawman protégé and a motley group of friendly monsters.

6.Integrity Director: Alan Mak Stars: Sean Lau, Nick Cheung Genre: Crime Storyline: Xu Zhizhen, a witness to a serious economic case of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption, was absent from the court and left the United Kingdom. The investigator, Jing Jingming, needed to catch him back in a week. His wife and colleague Jiang Yuqing also went to the UK to persuade Xu Guigang to come back and continue to testify. When Xu finally decided to return to Hong Kong, the case turned a corner.

7.Peppa’s Chinese New Year Director: Zhang Dapeng Genre: Animation Storyline: Tang Yuan, Jiao Zi, and their family enjoy Chinese New Year together, learning about traditions, and sharing Peppa Pig stories

8.Boonie Bears: Blast Into The Past Director: Ding Liang Genre: Animation Storyline: Briar, Bramble and Logger ick jointly defend nature in the stone age